"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.
Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
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This kitten is a mini miracle
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Tatoo idea
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One of my paintings

looking good there Urshels <3

1) In the words of any teenage girl’s updated tweet on New Year’s Eve: “New year, new me.” As cliché as it sounds: You can mold yourself into anyone you want to be. New beginnings are a wonderful opportunity. You’re experiencing new people, places, and learning things you never learned before. Rejoice in this unidentified, clean-slate optimism

2) Whatever the angsty-adolescent drama you’re engaging in now may be, it won’t matter in 10 years.

3) Do not binge eat. Quarters spent on the vending machines and fries loaded with salt will catch up to you. and when you ask people “Did I gain the freshman fifteen?” They’ll reply no, but your unzipped jumper will beg to differ.

4) On top of that do not stave yourself. Sure, eating your school’s greasy cafeteria’s food won’t make you happy, but neither will running 10 miles. Find balance.

5) You’re meeting tons of new people at this point but don’t forget your old friends. They loved you through your awkward phase and will probably be in it for the long run. Call up your best friend from grade school and reminisce. You’ll thank her and you’ll thank yourself that you did.

6) Don’t be that girl that wears the tight-sparkly pink dress to homecoming. But also don’t be the girl that didn’t show up because she couldn’t find a dress she felt confident enough to wear.

7) Your trust will be broken but remember to give second chances. If you are a different person now than you were in September, they probably will be too.

8) But if someone doesn’t deserve a second chance, don’t let them back in. Hell, if they wanted to walk out of your life then hold the door open for them.

9) Date nice boys.

10) Respect yourself enough to walk away from something that no longer satisfies you. Whether it’s a relationship or friendship, it’s completely justifiable to cut out toxic people from your life simply because the weight of those people are heavy. Erase messages. Burn pictures. Burn bridges. You don’t owe any explanations to anyone but yourself.

11) There will come a time where you are faced with the choice of either watching the season finale of studying for your biology exam. Guess which one you’ll choose and guess which one you should have have chosen. (Your 64% on the cellular respiration unit can answer that question.)

12) No. He doesn’t love you. You’ve been dating for eight weeks.

13) Popularity doesn’t exist. Don’t hang out with or date someone just because they’re “cool” or “everyone likes them.” Talk to the weird kids in the back of the class. Chances are you’ll find some of the coolest kids in high school there.

14) Your mother is always right. Also, mother’s are also the best therapists.

15) Trust your intuition. Even if that means not going to the huge party that everyone else is going to. If you are the loser who stays home to watch a movie by yourself, so be it. You thank yourself for waisting $4.95 for a movie rather than having to pay for a $500 citation for underaged drinking.

16) Your reputation is a real thing. The person you’re dating or the circle of friends you surround yourself with is a reflection on you. You’re only as good as the people you spend your most time with so be strong enough to let bad influences go.

17) Raise your hand despite being called a know-it-all. What’s the worst that could happen? Becoming the most educated person in the room?

18) Your first relationship with end terribly. Best solution to remain being friends after a bad break up? Never talk to them again. Seriously. Just take a different route to History to avoid them or something. If it means that much to him, let him say he called it quits. Even if everyone believes him, he knows the truth.

19) The people who win in life are never the ones who win in high school. Trust me. After high school, the cool jock who payed no attention to you will suddenly think you’re the equivalent to a Victoria Secret model (Although, it seems that this is never prior to his beer-gut and comb-over transformation) and the girl that was always horrible to you will probably end up as unhappy as she made you.

20) And never, ever trust a person who actually enjoyed high school.

20 things you should learn before high school (via therestofpage20)

He puts the book between his teeth, but he doesn’t give it the power to make him cry.  Make John Green find the thing.
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